World class sarcoma care in the West Midlands

Sarcoma research

Research is the process whereby new knowledge about a disease is acquired and new treatments and interventions are developed to provide the best possible care for patients now and in the future. A key form of research is conducting clinical trials which allow us to learn about the effectiveness of new drugs that may be useful in treating sarcoma or investigate new ways of giving established treatments (such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy).

They also help us to learn how best to use the treatments that we have. Clinical trials are important for patients as it allows them to try new drugs or treatments that they couldn’t otherwise access.

Sarcoma research programmes are led by clinical staff working in close collaboration with other research teams across the UK and around the world. We also work closely with world-leading industry partners to ensure that patients have access to the very latest innovations in orthopaedic care.

Participate in an active study

If you are eligible and willing to take part in an active study, we will contact you either prior to your visit or whilst you’re at the hospital attending an appointment. If there is a study which your healthcare team feels may be suitable to you, a member of the research team will speak to you to assess your eligibility and find out if you would like to take part. There is no obligation to take part in any study.

Find out more about our research

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