World class sarcoma care in the West Midlands

Post-operative care

After you have been discharged following surgery, you will be seen by your local General Practioner at 2 weeks to remove any sutures and check your wound. You will then be seen back at the Royal Orthopaedic hospital for at 6 weeks for a clinical assessment. At the point of discharge the in-patient occupational therapy and physiotherapy team will refer you to your local physiotherapy team for further in-depth physiotherapy where required. Some patients who have a tumour prosthesis inserted are brought back at a later date to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital rehabilitation team for a week of physiotherapy which includes daily assessed exercises and hydrotherapy.


Following completion of all treatment for your sarcoma then you will remain under the further follow-up care for up to ten years. This will initially require regular 3 monthly reviews for 2 years increasingly to 6 monthly until year 5. After this then follow-up appointment will take place yearly for a further five years. These appointments will often require a chest x-ray, x-ray of the affected limb (if appropriate) and a clinical examination to ensure that the cancer has not returned or spread (metastasised). After this point you will be discharged.